Helping our expatriate clients assimilate and relocate to Sydney from both overseas and interstate beyond just the need for housing

Relocation and Assimilation

Moving to a new city or returning home after time interstate or overseas can be overwhelming and daunting. With over a decade of experience assisting expats, whether single executives or growing families, Maison Advisory offers an assimilation and relocation service ensuring that family members and loved ones are part of the thought process, linking where you live to the necessities and your lifestyle aspirations.

Focusing on assimilating into your new home should be your number one priority.

Our relocation program is tailored to each clients needs and includes:

  • Home search – both rental and purchase
  • School research and admissions
  • Visa education where applicable
  • Orientation and adaptation
  • Pet transfers
  • Assistance with vehicles
  • Medical and specialists requirements

Most of our clients that are relocating from interstate or overseas to Sydney are doing so for work related reasons. This is typically an unsettling time for all involved in the process and it is therefore important to take care of the detail which can seem so trivial, but is often crucial when addressed. Where to live, what will the community be like, what schools can I get my children into, all play an important role for important consideration during the process

Maison Advisory will help you navigate the market and help you manage the process to ensure for a smooth transition and period of settlement.